Family Reunion Hosted by Everedy Square & Shab Row

The families and their descendants of the former Shab Row dwellings will convene for a family reunion hosted by Everedy Square/Shab Row on Sunday, August 28th, 2011 from 1-4pm.  Belva King, the organizer, will host the families for an afternoon showing of a history collection, as well as a 75 minute video recounting the stories of those families. The merchants will welcome the families to tour the buildings, while reminiscing.

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Flights of Fancy Before and After Pictures

The dwellings which comprise shops on Shab Row formerly housed tinkers, wheelwrights and other artisans who serviced the first stagecoaches  traveling west on The National Pike (now known as US Route 40).  This collection of late 18th century buildings on East Street really was once a condemned and desolate slum area, contributing to it’s name, “Shab Row.”  Shab Row’s carefully restored buildings using salvaged original materials.

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Shab Row Before and After Pictures

The buildings of Everedy Square were once the home of the Everedy Company, where the Everedy Bottle Capper was invented and manufactured.  The product met with national success following the enactment of Prohibition.  Prospering for 50 years, The Everedy Company ultimately produced a line of kitchenware that is still used in many households today.

The declining area was purchased and restored by Frederick businessman Bert Anderson in the 1970’s and 1980’s to produce the vibrant shopping and business district that it is today.

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NBC 25 Before and After Pictures

Everedy Square & Shab Row is downtown Frederick’s largest cluster of specialty shops, eateries and services.  This shopping district offers a relaxing shopping experience in historic buildings spread over four blocks on East Street, between W. Patrick and 2nd streets.  All businesses are owner-operated except Talbots.

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