Congratulations to Mouth Party – a local Maryland Company!

Mouth Party Caramels available at The Frederick Basket Company Frederick Maryland

Mouth Party Caramels at The Grammys Available at Frederick Basket Company Maryland – We have some exciting news from Mouth Party, a local company from Baltimore, MD!!  They  have just sent off a large amount of caramels to LA .  They were contacted last week by Distinctive Assets, a company out of LA that does the Gift Bags for all sort of award shows.  They asked them to be a part of this year’s gift bags for the GRAMMY’s.

Mouth Party Caramels available at The Frederick Basket CompanySoon all the celebrities will know what our customers have known for a long time – Mouth Party Caramels are YUMMY!!!!! Stop by The Frederick Basket Company and pick some up today – your mouth will Thank You! Below are the flavors they offer.

Their products are nut-free and gluten-free and make a great addition to one of our Valentine’s Day gift baskets!

This caramel is unlike any you’ve ever tasted before. It is rich, creamy, soft, and velvety… leaving your dental work intact. If you must know, they are made with heavy cream, corn syrup, butter, sugar, and vanilla… mmmmm.

We think you’ll agree that this chocolate caramel is a chocolate lover’s dream. We begin with the original caramel ingredients and add a 61% cacao semisweet chocolate that sends this caramel into the stratosphere.

For something slightly off the beaten path, try this scrumptious sea salt caramel. We dust the top layer of our original caramels with Fleur de Sel sea salt, creating sweet and savory fireworks!

Prefer chocolate? Well, what do you get when you combine the ingredients from the sea salt and chocolate caramels? A serious mouth party, that’s what.

Mmm, mmm, maple. The combination of rich, dark grade B maple syrup with our basic caramel ingredients creates a deeply sweet sensation. The caramels are then rolled in maple sugar for a finishing touch.

For the coffee enthusiasts, we add Turkish ground espresso from local coffee roasters to our original caramels, creating a creamy coffee sensation not to be missed.

Well, what would you call it?? Our original soft caramel blanketed in smooth milk chocolate and dusted with Fleur de Sel on top. Yup, thought so.

Gotta have it all? Of course you do… Our assorted packages include all of our caramel flavors with the exception of the OMG!, or we can customize to your taste.

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