Top 10 Reasons Why the Gift Basket Remains Undefeated In the World of Edible Gifts:

Gift Baskets by The Frederick Basket Company10. Rarity – To put it simply – when does anyone buy a box of caramel chocolate truffle popcorn on its own? Where do they even sell things at that level of snack-fection? Has anyone perusing the munchie aisle of any local grocery or convenience store ever randomly stumble upon a box of marshmallows shaped like U.S. Presidents? Didn’t think so.

9. Presentation – Somebody hands you a chocolate bar, and you’re probably not that excited; now, put that same item into a basket and bam – suddenly, it’s the best candy bar you’ve ever had! Think about Easter; what’s so special about pastel colored chocolate eggs? Nothing much. Well, what about a basket full of them? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? We give you the Easter basket.

To My Little Love Bug Valentine's Day Gift Basket 8. Popularity – Everyone at one time in their life has been there to watch somebody else receive a gift basket. Wow, suddenly that jar of jolly ranchers on your desk isn’t so jolly anymore. Who cares about glass jars, you want something from that spectacular basket; and, guess what, so does everyone else in the room.

7. Nostalgia – Biting into that first chocolate turtle takes you right back to the first time you ever opened a gift basket. Sharing stories and memories, suddenly everyone is standing around the gift basket as if it were a camp fire. But no, these s’mores weren’t freshly made; after all, who but the genie of gift baskets knows how to put the graham cracker and chocolate inside the marshmallows?

6. Healing Power – Need to apologize, congratulate, or distract? Give them a gift basket. Who hasn’t wanted to forgive after a dozen caramel and candy swirled apples? How couldn’t you be proud to pick items from a basket of edible congratulations? Is it even possible to remember that your leg is broken, when you’re half-way through a bag of chocolate cappuccino Toffee Malt Balls?

Nuts about you Valentine's Day Gift Basket 5. Convenience – It’s the logic of having a tray in a buffet line: why would you bring a single plate for a triple-entree meal? You don’t. How do I get three kinds of popcorn, four different types of chocolate, maple-honey caramels, cookies, marshmallow treats, and instrument-shaped candies into one place? With a basket.

4. Wow Effect – Have you ever seen the size of somebody’s eyes upon receiving an easter basket? It’s otherworldly excitement. But, keep in mind that this person was to some degree expecting to get a basket full of awesome on Easter; so, now imagine how they’ll act when they least expect it!

3. Edible Treasure Chest – The overwhelming sight of endless sweets and salty savoriness is enough to drive anyone into a munching frenzy. “The more the merrier” was a term coined by the creator of the gift basket.

frederick-sampler-beer-basket Valentine's Day Gift Basket 2. Epiphany of Variety – The sheer variety of the contents guarantees you’re satisfied no matter what your mood. Everything is better when you’re craving it. So, you don’t feel like chocolate right now; it doesn’t mean you won’t want some in an hour. Remember, a gift is a gift; and the only thing that’s better than an
edible gift, is a basket of them.

1. It’s Never Gluttony – Ever tried to explain why you have seventeen different wrappers from candies, chocolates, chips, pretzels, cookies and cheese all over your room? It’s quite an awkward pause when there’s a grocery bag to accompany all of it; however, utter the words “Gift Basket” and you’re suddenly off the hook.

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