Here are 12 fun things to do in Fall:

1.     Hop on your bike and head to a bike trail, if one is available or just go for a ride around your neighborhood.

2.     Visit a local orchard. Go and pick your own apples and some orchards make their own cider too! A must for fall.  Remember to pick up a box of Aspens Mulling Cider Spices too!

3.   Have a bonfire in the backyard.  It doesn’t have to be huge or fancy!  get out the marshmallows and make some S’mores!  Its a great way to reconnect as a family!

4.     Brighten up your yard or patio with some potted Mums.  Did you know that most Mum plants are perennial, so that beautiful fall color will come back year after year.  To ensure that your plant survives winter be sure to plant it in the ground so that it has time to make some good roots to last through the cold winter.

5.     Go Pumpkin picking andpick up a pie pumpkin (or if you’ve grown one, go pick it!) and make a homemade pumpkin pie from scratch!

6.     Attend a high school football or soccer game, and take along a flask of that Mulled Cider you made!

7.     Make caramel apples with those apples you got from the Orchard!

8.     Rack leaves for an elderly or sick neighbor!

9.     Clean out the gutters!  You’ll be glad you did when that snow starts to melt!

10.    Find some new crock pot recipes and give them a try. Check out the Beef Bourginon and Chicken Marsala Crock Pot Meals in the store.

11.     Replace the batteries in your smoke detector(s).

12.     Get an early start on your Holiday shopping. Take advantages of coupons and sales now, like the Everedy Square Shab Row  Side Walk Sale on Saturday 6th October!