Baking cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions, and what better than getting to share your delicious treats with others, and getting to taste theirs too!

What is a Cookie Exchange? – The concept behind the Cookie Exchange is to invite a group of friends (and fellow bakers) over, who each bring with them 6-10 dozen of their favorite home baked cookies.  Everyone has a fun time sampling each others cookies and catching up, then gets to take home an assortment of different cookies!

How to Host a Cookie Exchange –

1.    Invite guests – use either mailed invitations or to save time go digital with email or e-vites!  Invite about double the amount of people that you can accommodate as alot of people may be travelling or have other plans at this busy time of year.  Ask each of them to bring 6-10 dozen of their favorite cookies, along with print outs of the recipes too!

2.   Get Baking! – Bake up lots of your families favorite cookies!  Decorate them to look festive and pretty!  Keep the finished cookies in an airtight container, or freeze depending on how far in advance you have made them.

3.    Be the Hostess with the Mostess! – Hosting a cookie exchange is a simple and easy one!  Your guests bring the food, all you need to provide are some drinks (Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, mulled wine).   For added fun you might want to consider doing a door prize like a pretty apron or decorative cookie jar!   You could ask each of your guests to bring a cookie cutter with them, then place them all in a gift bag, and one lucky guest gets to take them home!    Make some labels for the cookies so that everyone knows who made what, and have an area free for people to use to package up their stash of cookies to take home after.

4.    3-2-1-SWAP – When guests arrive, set out all the cookies on the table, invite guests to enjoy a beverage, and let the cookie exchange begin!

Once everyone has sampled each of the different cookies, and its time to start making their selections for taking home, invite everyone to choose 1 dozen cookies each to begin with, and proceed like this until all of the cookies have been distributed.

A Cookie Exchange is a social and fun event, bringing friends together to celebrate the holiday season, so dust off your recipe book, invite some friends over and get baking!!