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Archive for February 2013

The Scoop on Salt

The Scoop on Salt Fancy gourmet salts are super trendy these days, but what kinds are healthiest for you and work best in your recipes? Use our guide to see how it all shakes out, and don’t forget that the American Heart Association recommends getting less than 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day – that’s…

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14 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

14 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day Need some inspiration for your gift giving this Valentines Day? We’ve compiled a list of 14 gift ideas to help you send the perfect Valentine! 1. Gift Baskets – Sending a gourmet gift basket to your loved one filled with tasty treats for you to share!  Include a romantic…

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Fun Facts about Valentines Day

Fun Facts about Valentines Day! More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s Day each year. On average, men shell out $130 each on candy, cards, jewelry, flowers and dates. That’s more than double what women commit to spending. About 8 billion candy hearts will be produced this year; that’s enough…

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Top Ten Romantic Movies for Valentines Day

Top Ten Romantic Movies for Valentines Day If you want to spend a romantic night in together with your love this Valentines day then get to the video store or NetFlix to watch one of these top ten romantic movies! Curl up on the sofa, add a bottle of your favorite wine/beer and some tasty treats…

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