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Recipe Ideas

The Scoop on Salt

The Scoop on Salt Fancy gourmet salts are super trendy these days, but what kinds are healthiest for you and work best in your recipes? Use our guide to see how it all shakes out, and don’t forget that the American Heart Association recommends getting less than 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day – that’s…

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Tomato Pesto Cheeseball and Appetizer Mix

Tomato Pesto Cheeseball and Appetizer Mix  Wind & Willow Cheeseball and Appetizer Mix The Wind & Willow Cheeseball and Appetizer Mixes  should be a staple in everyone’s pantry if they aren’t already. They are super easy to make and it will look like you spent hours in the kitchen! They come in a variety of flavors. Below are three great…

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Savannah Sunrise Cheeseball and Dessert Mix

Savannah Sunrise Cheeseball and Dessert Mix Wind & Willow Cheeseball & Dessert Mix We just love Wind & Willow Cheeseball & Dessert Mixes and we’re sure you will too! Below are three great recipes using the New Wind & Willow Savannah Sunrise Cheeseball & Dessert Mix. They make a delicious summertime treat! Make a sweet cheeseball or a quick…

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